2018 FALL

ANISON is committed to develop natural compounds and small molecules for targeted treatment of HPV associated warts and cancers respectively.  The team is formulating a plant based extract as a cream/ointment to be effective in treating all kind of warts including common, plantar and genital warts.  Warts are caused by HPV and the active component in the extract has been shown to be specifically effective against HPV thus targeting the underlying cause.  The project is in the development phase and a start-up is planned to be established in the near future.

AVECIN-BIOPHARMA LTD (joined the Accelerator as Avecin) aims to manufacture and develop new biosimilars as a cost-effective alternative to the high-priced branded biologics. Avecin's long-term goal is the development, clinical translation and commercialization of advanced extracellular vesicle biological  drugs in order to generate a novel class of therapeutics for different disease targets include cancer and fibrosis.

BIOPSENSE OY’s (joined the Accelerator as Biopsense) core competence is on clinical diagnostics in cancer therapies. The service provides high sensitivity gene mutation profiling services for liquid biopsy samples. BiopSense will help hospitals to advance personalized cancer therapies by offering solutions for frequent follow-up in precision medicine.

BLUEZONE COMPANY OY LTD develops a healthcare platform for real-time monitoring of cardiovascular diseases.  Platform consists of a credit-card sized portable measurement device, cloud services and a mobile application. The platform is able to detect upcoming CVD threats such as stroke and heart attack as a result of high-accuracy signal acquisition and advanced analysis. The platform also warns users in advance when the first symptoms appear.

HEALTH SAMURAI FINLAND OY (joined the Accelerator as Aidbox) develops FHIR backend (AIDBOX) to build modern web and mobile healthcare applications. AIDBOX cuts time to market for new healthcare solutions and thus reduces notably development costs. AIDBOX is clinical data repository that aggregates and normalizes data from multiple sources into the FHIR model. AIDBOX can be used as a FHIR API facade that enables modern FHIR applications to run on top of legacy systems. Solutions built on top of AIDBOX are interoperable and ready for the evolving new health technology ecosystem.

ITG DIAGNOSTICS is developing a targeted gene sequencing panel for ovarian cancer including the detection of large DNA deletions and duplications. These types of variants are clinically relevant in ovarian cancer, but so far out of reach of current gene sequencing panel testing. In addition, ITG Diagnostics will provide reliable detection of variants in all relevant genes in the genome. An easy-to-interpret report will be delivered to help guide diagnostics and treatment decisions.

RAVISTAMO OY is your partner in nutrition therapy and nutrition care. The mission is to spread the joy of eating by promoting scientifically efficient nutrition care practices and shared moments around food and eating. Ravistamo thrives on the joy of eating. A new product (named Vahvistava) is under development for screening and treating malnutrition in the elderly care. The product/software provides a digital tool for healthcare professionals to implement better nutritional care and to improve their daily practices around food in elderly care homes and home care units.

Today’s megatrend in medical diagnosis is POC, especially in the developing world. However, the clinical reliability of the existing POC assays often remains sub-optimal. The newly invented RFS - RAPID FRET SERODIAGNOSTICS concept is revolutionary in reaching conspicuously high clinical sensitivity and specificity. The new assays are rapid, robust, mobile, versatile, and potentially suitable for all such infectious, autoimmune and allergic conditions that are managed by antibody measurement. The team is targeting to spin-out a start-up company from the University of Helsinki.


ALDOGEN aims to develop and produce diagnostic kits for detection of common molecular markers in oncology and oncohematology. The products are developed for Real-Time PCR systems, fragmental analysis and sequencing. Along with classical molecular markers (chimeric transcripts, point mutations) Aldogen offers gene expression relapse markers in patients with acute leukemia. Besides Aldogen develops RNA stabilization buffers for the whole blood and tissues.

BENETE OY's Life Analytics Platform is developed to bring a novel set of data as the source of the Real World Evidence. Benete Platform will provide the data on the individual’s level of functioning. Adding this set of data as a part of the RWD will provide a very valuable insight into the individual’s life in the real-world setting and will give information on the efficacy and effectiveness of the drug treatments.

LS CANCERDIAG LTD is committed to reducing cancer mortality rates with a low-cost, simple diagnostic method that detects an inherited cancer-causing condition, Lynch syndrome, prior to cancer. The vision is to see DiagMMR® as a new global testing standard in Lynch syndrome diagnostics.

BIOGENIUM MICROSYSTEMS OY (joined the Accelerator as Minihypoxy) has developed a hypoxic cell culture solution that is an affordable, portable, highly accurate, physiological O2 cell study platform. The platform is composed of a portable hypoxia instrument and cell cultivation consumables. In addition to the hypoxia instrument, the consumables can be used to maintain desired cell cultivation conditions in other cell research devices such as microscopes or devices for recording electrical activity of cells.

ENDOMET is a machine learning based diagnostic tool that provide risk assessment of endometriosis disease among women with abdominal pain symptoms. The tool supports decision making by the physicians by combining both clinical features and biomarker data. It also has a platform for self-evaluation, and can be used to predict disease recurrence by the physicians.

SpeED-Seq (Species-Specific Exome and DNA Sequencing) offers novel tools for efficient and cost-effective sequencing of genomes. Traditional Exome Sequencing technology requires de novo design and production of expensive custom probes, and it is practically impossible for species without reference genomes. SpeED-Seq enables affordable Exome Sequencing for any species with or without reference genomes and offers a tool to eliminate organelle genome contamination from DNA Sequencing projects contributing to 70 % of Next Generation Sequencing market.

2017 FALL

AFEKTA TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a spinoff company established on May 2017 from the University of Eastern Finland. It focuses on providing biomedical analytical services, specifically metabolic profiling, which utilizes mass spectrometry to detect comprehensively up to thousands of metabolic features from any biological sample. The team consists of four scientists who are also the co-founders of the company. The potential clients include academic research institutes as well as food and pharma industry.

“FaCET” (Facial paralysis Clinical Entertainment-based Therapy) is a gamified Facial muscle Rehabilitation application, including machine learning, cloud data base and a specifically designed game controller device. The aim of the project is basically replacing the frustrating conventional rehabilitation with a more enjoyable and interactive method for the patients suffering from Facial Palsy, also processing the medical results and collecting them in a centralized database, in order to provide the authorized researchers all around the world with research information. This entertainment-based product encompasses various environments and scenarios which are designed to engage facial muscles in the game play using its game controller device.

HELPPO DIAGNOSTICS OY was established in 2015 by three researchers from University of Helsinki. The team is developing a new platform, which can be broadly used for drug candidates testing and drug discovery. The second direction is in drug repositioning, that is approved drugs for new indications. The commercialization strategy is to protect intellectual property rights by patenting and to find partners and investors.

NEUROTRAKING - Better understanding of Parkinson’s disease with Electrical Activation of Muscles and Human Motion Analysis IOT TECHNOLOGY. Parkinson’s is continually worsening disease. Mechanism is mystery, and it is defined based on symptoms, like motoric tremor. Symptoms can be treated by dopaminergic drug therapy or Deep Brain Stimulation. Picture of the symptoms formed during neurologist’s clinical visit (10-15min). At a later stage symptoms start to vary, even daily. No method to optimize treatment. Standard of living decreases, costs increases. The Neurotracking team has the solution to find more accurate and effective treatment.

PADS aims to develop of a paper-based diagnostic system (PaDS) for an easy detection of glucose level in body fluids, without need of complementary electronic devices. Paper-based diagnostic tests can provide accurate results very fast, and help to select the correct treatment for each patient. These medical tools are important because an early detection of the potential cause for disease, or the monitoring of body fluid components, helps to prevent serious health-related complications.

SHIBNESS aims to develop a new oral glucose-lowering medication for treating insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes by targeting lipid phosphatase SHIP2. Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly escalating problem and the current medications are not enough to stop the disease or have adverse effects. The research team has created a library of novel SHIP2 inhibitors that act as insulin sensitizers and are searching for potential commercialization routes for these new drug leads.


ADESANTE OY (joined the Accelerator as Adesante) specializes in health care services based on virtual reality (VR) technology. Adesante's business is serving public and private health care organizations with a variety of VR related products in medical operations and its support functions. Adesante makes diagnostics data and 3D models easy to understand by visualizing in VR. An improved understanding of clinical imaging and modeling, speed of modeling and a quality decision making is for the best for the patient and makes health care more efficient.

CERENION OY (joined the Accelerator as project "BrainICU") develops the world’s first practical method for measuring the brain function of intensive care patients. Our Cerenion ART™ technology (pat. pend.) aims to reveal the status of the brain as one simple score – at the bed-side and without requiring any changes to the care of the patient. The solution works by combining state-of-the-art signal analysis technology with standard electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement and the common pharmacological compounds and clinical procedures already used in intensive care today. The technology has the potential of improving both the quality and the cost of intensive care.

CHAIN ANTIMICROBIALS OY (joined the Accelerator as project Chain) has designed an effective solution to prevent CAUTIs. The lead product, Peptide-coated catheters have shown positive results in in-vitro studies and currently clinical trials are underway. The products will offer a promising solution to the problem of ever-increasing HAIs, decreasing the morbidity and mortality as well as reducing the financial burden on healthcare resources. Catheter associated UTI (CAUTI) is the most prevalent hospital-acquired infection with an estimated infection rate of 25-40% in women. Coating urinary catheters with peptide antibiotics can effectively control CAUTI by preventing the spread of infection. CAUTIs are caused by several bacterial species, however Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae are the most recurrent casual organisms.

CUSTOMIZED THERAPIES creates a service concept for customised veterinary medicinal products. Individualised dosing by the CustomizedTherapies concept enabled by printing technologies will bring a disruptive approach and technology to create new service models and customized products for pharmacies and hospitals and will offer new solutions to point-of-care medication. 

CUTOSENSE OY is specialised in developing wound measurement and treatment systems. CutoSense's soon published solution, the MC-Patch treatment system, is intended for assessment and treatment of hard-to-heal wounds. The solution has been clinically tested in University Hospital of Tampere where results of the measurements were found to accurately describe the wound status thus reducing costly and painful dressing changes by at least 70%.

PATHWAY PILOT develops novel tools for contact-free cell manipulation. Diseases are typically caused by aberrant cell signalling. However, it is challenging to diagnose the actual defects in circuits and develop corrective drugs. Cellular optogenetics is a synthetic biology technology to investigate pathways in research or diagnostic settings, and can even streamline drug discovery. The vision is to empower research and diagnostic labs with the latest optogenetic approaches to achieve a level of insight that could otherwise not be reached.

SARTAR THERAPEUTICS OY develops a novel targeted therapy for orphan cancer disease called gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). The candidate product is based on a novel oncogene that is highly expressed in GIST, and repositioning and reformulation of an old drug that targets selectively the oncogene. The company works in pre-clinical and pharmaceutical development with CROs and aims to run early stage clinical trials in collaboration with a clinical CRO and the European GIST clinician network. 

TRACERAY OY – established in April 2015 as a spin-off from the research activities at the University of Turku, currently focuses on designing and manufacturing of the novel intelligent bioactive implantable system for fracture treatment in small and large animals. The company’s technology allows the creation of a flexible fixation device with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties. The implantable system will be manufactured based on the materials extensively studied at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.